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Now that the Knicks are done for the 13-14 season, I will only consider it to be a successful postseason as long as the Nets don’t make it far in the playoffs.. #IHateTheNets *kanye shrug*

Knicks 2013-2014 regular season is officially over.

Looking forward to the post-season but it’s going to really suck without watching our team play.

The season from this point forward is pretty pointless for the team as a whole. It would be logical for Woodson to just rest the starters and let the bench get minutes in. Wins don’t matter anymore. The only reason I can see Woodson playing any of the starters so it doesn’t effect their individual stats/records.

This is the first season in NBA history that Celtics, Knicks, and Lakers didn’t make the playoffs.

Knicks win & snap Bulls’ winning streak

Well, that’s coooool.

Honestly.. what do you think are the chances that melo will actually stay next year, since we couldnt even make the playoffs this year

Call me crazy but I think the chances are pretty high actually, for numerous reasons. First off, Melo’s dream has always been to be a Knickerbocker. Secondly, I believe Melo is a franchise player, as in, a franchise is built around him. Plus look at all the amenities or upper hand he has received as a Knick. I think he knows that the front office will take a lot of what he wants into consideration during the off-season. All in all, I really can’t see Melo playing somewhere else, whether it’s the Lakers, Bulls, or whatever team the media has been pulling out. I just have a really good gut feeling he’ll stay. I think he’ll become a free agent then re-sign for more money. But I really think he’s going to stay. Now if I’m wrong & he leaves, that changes everything….

My ask box is open for anyone who needs consoling, lol….

But damn. This is a complete bummer! I guess as a longtime Knicks fan disappointment is kind of normal.

Knicks are officially out of the playoffs.