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I will be heartbroken if Shump & JR get traded.

That’s real #Knickstape right there!

Carmelo Anthony wins “most clutch player at Kids’ Sports Awards!

Over LeBron James!

Carmelooooooo Anthonyyyy re-signs!

Wonder what Phil’s next moves are..

Don’t trade, Timmy. Please don’t trade, Timmy.

Btw, I’m done with posting about Melo and his trade rumors. Next update I make regarding Melo and his future will be his decision……if he ever even makes it sometime before the season starts..

Phil Jackson is waiting for Carmelo Anthony to text him back

Seems like Anthony is playing games… Right now is not the time for that!

I think we find out Melo’s decision today!

I’m ready to hear both Melo and LeBron’s decisions.

Carmelo Anthony reportedly going to re-sign with New York.

With hopes that Phil can bring LeBron to the Knicks.

Just trying to be a patient Knicks fan….

So today at work, I was wearing my “Can’t Stop NY Knicks” playoffs shirt. A co-worker was ringing these two guys up and as they were leaving one of the guys jokingly said to me “Go Celtics!”, his friend added “Melo is going to the Bulls!!”

Knicks fans will never catch a break. If Melo leaves, we won’t hear the end of it. For some miraculous reason, if Melo decides to stay, we won’t hear the end of it. Either way, Knicks fan can never win.

But regardless, I wouldn’t have it any other way.